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End mills, insert end mills, face mills and die mold cutters are used on CNC or other milling machines to cut and shape metal. They can be used to cut holes, blind holes, bevel edges and grooves in metal, milling bits can generally cut in all directions. End MillsWhile end mills look a lot like drill bits, they are very different. Drill bits are sharpened only on the tip. The flutes move swarf up and out of the hole as the tool is pushed through the material. End mills have sharpened flutes, and they are generally used make a cut on the long side of the tool.

Nearly all end mills are used to create a smooth finished appearance, while many styles can be used to create a coarser cut, their main purpose is to make very precise finishing cuts. The exceptions are roughing mills; they are designed to quickly removing large amounts of material and to be followed up with precision tools.

Most end mills have a flat end, ball nose end mills have a rounded end and are used to create curved corners, or grooves. Bull nose end mills are used to create a slightly rounded corner rather than the crisp 90 cut you'd get from a flat nose end mill. To put a rounded edge on your workpiece use a corner rounding end mill; this tool can create a precise radius that gives your work a smooth finished appearance.
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