Tooling Set-Up Clamps & Accessories

Tooling Set-Up Clamps & Accessories are used when machining and there’s a need to hold your work piece securely in place to prevent employee injury, ensure that you get an accurate cut, and to prevent damage to cutting tools. Reid offers a large variety of work holding clamps and components, from inexpensive shoe clamps to versatile step clamps and torque thumb screw clamps, all of which are used to support parts against cutting tool thrust in application within the construction of jigs, fixtures and other special tooling. Cam edge clamps are low profile clamps with a jaw that pivots forward and downwards when the handle is turned, holding your work piece securely against the table. Hook Clamp Assemblies are used for set ups that require strong holding power when space is an issue, hook clamp assemblies can be turned 360 so they can easily swing out of the way. They feature a hook for holding down your work piece and have a spring-loaded shank for quick clamp release.