Locating & Positioning Components

Reid has a large selection of tools for positioning & locating, and for precisely aligning your work piece for machining or measuring. Our offering includes Alignment Pins & Bushings which are removable locating devices for precisely aligning work pieces in jigs and fixtures. Spring Plungers provide a positive spring tension, allowing the plunger in the body to retract when under force. They are used in fixtures, jigs, detents, dies and other tooling applications as loading pins, alignment pins or positioners. Locating Pins are used to precisely position your work piece. Mount the pins to your fixture plate and align the work piece onto the pins. Reid also offers several locating pin accessories such as liners and threaded retainers. Our offering of Tooling Balls are used as reference points for inspection applications and work well on work pieces with irregular shapes or odd angles. We offer many styles including several with reference shoulders.