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Locating & Positioning Components

Reid Supply has a large selection of tools for positioning & locating for precisely aligning your workpiece for machining or measuring.

Alignment Pins & Bushings are removable locating devices for precisely aligning workpieces in jigs and fixtures. Our bushings are designed for use with L or T alignment pins.

Angle Plates & Irons are precision squared tools that are used as workstops and supports during machining to clamp and hold your workpieces.

Spring Plungers provide a positive spring tension, allowing the plunger in the body to retract when under force. They are used in fixtures, jigs, detents, dies and other tooling applications as loading pins, alignment pins or positioners.

CMM Fixturing is a holding system for measuring & inspecting parts. We offer fixturing plates and components such as standoffs, locating pins and swiveling joints. For your convenience we also offer component kits, which include a wooden holder for organizing your components when they're not in use.[more][less]
Edge Finders & Center Finders are used to accurately align a milling machine for positioning either at a scribed mark, the center of a hole or from the edge of a workpiece.

Fixture Keys are used to locate jigs and fixtures on slotted machine tool tables. We offer both block fixture keys and slotted fixture keys.

Fixture Blocks & Plates provide a base for your work, by offering a combination of mounting holes for positioning. Fixture plates have mounting holes on one side, while blocks provide holes on two sides.

Locating Pins are used to precisely position your workpiece. Mount the pins to your fixture plate and align the workpiece onto the pins. We also offer several locating pin accessories such as liners and threaded retainers.

Quick Change Fixture Mounting Systems are designed to locate & clamp in a single operation. The system consists of interlocking locating shanks, liner bushings and receiver bushings.

Stock Crowders apply pressure to material in a die or fixture, allowing the material to be positively aligned.

Tooling Balls are used as reference points for inspection applications and work well on workpieces with irregular shapes or odd angles. We offer many styles including several with reference shoulders.

Work Positioners are used to keep machine operators safe and to ensure that the workpiece doesn't shift during machining and measuring procedures.
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