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Fastening Pins & Sets

Reid Supply offers a wide range of fastening pins from broadly used clevis and cotter pins to specialty fasteners such as grooved and hydraulic cylinder pins. We offer mechanical fastener pins separately, with several types available in sets containing a range of sizes. Our selection includes steel and stainless steel fasteners.Clevis PinsTypically used with cotter or spring pins to connect objects to a clevis yoke. Common with farm equipment and sail rigging.Cotter PinsUsed to lock another fastener or washers in place. Commonly used on hitch pins, clevis pins or hydraulic cylinder pins. Some styles are self-locking, others require the ends to be bent over.Dowel PinsUsed in masonry to pin stone or blocks together as well as precision locating devices in machinery.Grooved PinsCommonly used in place of taper pins, rivets, set screws and keys. When compressed into a hole becomes locked into the drilled hole.Hitch PinsUsed to connect two pieces of machinery together, usually for towing, such as a tractor and wagon.Hydraulic Cylinder PinsStrong, high tensile pins used to mechanically connect hydraulic cylinder arms to machinery.Lynch PinsSelf-locking pins that eliminate cotter pin loss. Locking ring has a flattened side. Commonly used as fasteners on hydraulic arms of farm tractors.Quick Release PinsRequire a push or pull to release, used in applications requiring frequent or repetitive connections.Spring PinsHollow pins with beveled chamfer, slotted so that the pin can be driven and compressed into a slightly smaller hole. The outward radial force retains the pin in place.Taper PinsPrecision manufactured tapered pin, used where frequent assembly and removal is necessary. Easily removed with punch.