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Fastener anchors create support points in order to affix something to a surface that either does not readily permit screws or bolts to stay secure or to increase the strength of the anchor point improving the load bearing capability of the fastener.

Two examples of these issues are concrete and drywall. Attaching a structure to concrete with a bolt inserted directly into hardened concrete without the use of a specialized anchor results in the bolts working loose and the structure falling. Rather than relying on the threads of a bolt, concrete anchors expand inside the pre-drilled hole creating a solid support.
Often it is necessary to fasten a light object, such as a picture frame, to a wall in between the studs. A drywall anchor or toggle bolt increases the load bearing surface, allowing fixtures to be hung without the screw ripping from the drywall.Lag ShieldsLag screw anchors are ribbed masonry inserts designed to expand when a lag screw is tightened into it, creating a secure anchor point in concrete & brick.Self-Drilling Drywall AnchorsUsed to hang light items on drywall without using a wall stud, our threaded drywall anchors eliminate the need to pre-drill holes.Spring Wing Toggle AnchorsMedium to heavy fixtures can be installed onto a hollow wall or ceiling with a toggle wing anchor. Once inserted through the mounting hole, the spring loaded wings snap into place creating a permanent anchor.Sleeve AnchorsStainless Steel Sleeve Anchors are inserted into a pre-drilled hole and tightened. The tip of the sleeve expands creating a solid anchor in concrete and other solid surfaces.Spring AnchorsUsed to create strong anchoring points for extension springs.