Lifting & Rigging

Comprised of lifting magnets, vacuum products, pulleys, hoist rings, eye bolts, eye nuts, pad eyes, tie downs and winch straps. Lifting magnets can be used on flat, round, oily or hot surfaces. Reid's vacuum cups are offered in various cup styles and durometer ratings. The vacuum cups are available with industry standard metric and imperial mounting (female thread) options. Popular applications for vacuum cups are fixturing, welding, molding, assembly, and stamping. Also offered are industry leading vacuum generators. The pulleys come in shielded (self-lubricated), unshielded, steel, black delrin, single sheave, double sheave, flat block, swivel eye block and fixed eye block options. Hoist rings come in safety engineered, stationary, swivel, heavy duty and side-pull options. Eye bolts are also offered in similar styles. Available mounting options: Weld or mounting holes. Please see winch straps and ratchet tie downs for automotive transit needs.