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Leaf & Flag Hinges

Flag hinges are have two square mounting plates offset from each other so that each plate can spin in a 360 rotation independently of the other. Flag hinges allow the pin to be removed so the door can be separated from the frame. They are available in left-handed, right-handed or neutral weld-on styles, we offer flag hinges with load capacities up to 198 lbs.

Leaf hinges consist of two rectangular plates connected by a pin through a center barrel. Free swinging leaf style are easily swung open and closed, offering no resistance, is the most common type of hinge and you need to go no further than a door of your home or office to see one in use.

Friction hinges offer resistance to their movement; they are also known as torque hinges. They can be pulled opened, but will stand at any position. An example is the hinge on a laptop. The screen can be pushed to any angle and it will hold in that position. Constant torque hinges have a pre-set torque, while adjustable torque hinges allow you to loosen or tighten the resistance to suit your application. Positioning hinges have preset angles where the hinge will stand open.[more][less]