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Clamping Hand Wheels & Knobs

Clamping knobs and clamping hand wheels are manually spun to quickly tighten or loosen. Commonly used to control valves, manual presses, machinery, jigs and fixtures, clamping hand wheels come in a variety of sizes and are available in a wide variety of materials include nylon, phenolic, aluminum, cast iron, steel and chrome plated. Reid Supply has a large offering of male or female threaded clamping knobs that are available with either a lobed handle or knurled grip design.Lobed KnobsSometimes referred to as star knobs, this group of lobed clamping knobs offers a fluted handle that may have a shallow scalloped design or be deep enough to create arms. This style generally allows a firm hand grip to apply maximum leverage when turning. Lobed knobs come in many configurations from 2 lobes, called a t-handle, to having seven or even eight lobes. [more][less]
Grip KnobsOften referred to as knurled knobs, this style of clamping knob is typically round with a row of rough ridges around the outside of the handle, supplying a grip and reducing slippage. This style doesn't allow as much leverage to be applied as a lobed knob, but is ideal for applications where less force is required.Need something with even more clamping power? Clamping handles come in offset, straight or angled styles with a ball end providing greater torqueing power.Free CatalogReid Supply has a huge selection of knobs, handles and levers. Request a free catalog to see our entire product offering and stay up-to-date with new releases.

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