Hand Wheels & Knobs

Reid offers many types of knobs and hand wheels. Whether you need a small knurled thumb screw or a heavy duty control hand wheel. When it comes to the industrial uses of knobs, their functions seems endless. In machines or equipment, knobs are used for setting, tightening, pushing, pulling or loosening. Reid offers a knob type for just about anything, from chrome ball knobs to soft-touch lobed knobs, clamping knobs, to indicator control knobs. Reid also carries cabinet and ball knobs to instrument knobs, mushroom, lobed and pull knobs. Reid leads the market with aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel and plastic hand wheels, offering many styles including straight or dished hand wheels, letting you choose a solid design or one with 2, 3 or 5 spokes. Handle options included revolving, solid or fold down.