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C-Clamps & Accessories

C-clamps, also referred to as G-clamps, are used in woodworking or metalworking to hold workpieces while welding, gluing or completing other tasks.

C-clamps are readily identified by their C-shape. The top has a flat surface that is used as the stationary jaw. The bottom of the clamp has a threaded hole and a large threaded stud is screwed through it with a rotating pad on one end and a T-handle on the other. Force is applied to the workpiece by holding the clamp over the pieces being clamped and turning the T-handle, moving the pad upwards toward the stationary jaw. When applying G-clamps to wood, scrap wood blocks are used to prevent the jaws from digging into the workpiece.

There are several variations of the C-clamp including quick release, 3-way edge, deep throat and heavy duty styles. We also offer several accessories which include grips to make it easier on the operator to turn the metal T-handle and replacement pads.