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Ball-Knob Hand Lever 60.0 mm stroke Foot Mount Plunger Clamp uses a 16.0 mm diameter M8 x 1.25 plunger to quickly hold the work piece with of force.

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Maximum Holding Capacity 2020 lbs
Plunger Diameter 16.0 mm
Plunger Thread Size M8 x 1.25
Stroke Length 60.0 mm
Overall Length 196.0 mm
Number of Mounting Holes 4
Mounting Hole Diameter 9.0 mm
Mounting Hole Spacing Along Length 40.0 mm
Mounting Hole Spacing Along Width 70.0 mm
Handle Type Ball-Knob Hand Lever
Mount Type Foot Mount
Operation Type One-Hand Operation
Web Product Name Foot Mount
Bar Diameter 16.0 mm
Holding Capacity 2020 lbs
Classification RSAENUS_P1763239
Includes Plunger Included